Dear all,
I'm new here. [From Holland, sorry for my bad Egelisch, from translate]
But I would like to know more of all this beauty.
Is there anyone who can tell me if o.e.m. works on my SMA 1600TL SunnyBoy.
Far too many questions, but I have to start somewhere.

What should my order to yield my PV system to measure?
I want to access via internet, and everything can read.
I know that in my sb1600tl one rs485 fit do I need one?
Does this work on a windows PC?

Does this system really accurate?

Thank you.

[Ps if there are Dutchmen, pm me please. ]

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Re: SMA SB1600TL

Dylan there are some arduino projects with the SMA 1600TL converter.. you can buy a Bluetooth adapter from SMA and connect it to your server/pc.

But I recommend the OpenEnergyMonitor way (OEM) just capture the current with a currentsensor (clamp) and also the voltage by a AC-AC adapter. mount the currentsensor on the output cable from the SMA (or fusebox (meterkast) cable). and readout the real power on your home grid.


P.S. don't get confused by some Britain people here that have a topic about heating water with PV power when your solarsystem is producing more than  you use. (geen saldeer systeem).

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