RFM69Pi V3 - Frequency Change - Sensus C620


Apologies I've read the site but haven't been able to find the answer. I've found something which says it is possible.


I have a Sensus C620 water meter which I believe has a frequency system (868 Mhz). I'm guessing it has a RF system as it is covered by 2" of mud for most of the year and still gets accurately read. I'm trying to see whether it is possible to read/monitor the meter via RF as it 2 feet outside my property on a pavement and therefore the light reader methods are impossible.


It seems the RFM69Pi V3 can be changed to read either 433 Mhz or 868 Mhz frequencies. I believe it is defaulted to 433 Mhz. Is this a correct assumption, and if so how do I change the frequency? (I can always use a 433Mhz receiver if my water project fails!)

Does this seem a sensible way of monitoring a 868Mhz system, or at least seeing whether my water meter really has one? Any advice would be greatly received.



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Re: RFM69Pi V3 - Frequency Change - Sensus C620

Receiving the correct frequency is only the first stage. You need to find out what the protocol is and then write the software to decode it and format the data into whatever form you require.

Though the module will work in the wrong band, it is not advisable and range is extremely limited, as the two modules have different components to tune for the required frequency. I wouldn't advise trying to change the radio module on anything - it has been done but you are very likely to damage the parent board in the process. It will be much better to buy the 868 MHz version of the RFM69Pi.

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