Soil moisture measurements integration

Hi! I would like to include soil moisture measurements into the OEM setup. It seems others have done this before with Arduino compatible soil hygrometers but I haven't found clear information on how to do this. I have set up a few power and temperature monitoring systems but I'm not (yet) experienced on changing the sketches beyond sensor identification and calibration.

Could anybody point me in the right direction on how to do this successfully? The objective is to continuously monitor the soil moisture, either with an integrated wifi hotspot or connected to an RJ45 port of EmonTx.

Thanks :-)


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Re: Soil moisture measurements integration

I'm afraid I'm not this guy on the right, and very few of us are. The glib answer is learn to program, learn how to interface electronic devices.

If you want someone here to help you, you need to provide more information about the devices you intend to use. For a start, what output do your sensors have? What supply do they need to work?

We tend not to use WiFi here because of the somewhat greater power requirements, so our bias would be towards connecting to your emonTx or emonTH to send the data alongside the other measurements.

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Re: Soil moisture measurements integration


Why do you want to measure soil moisture? I have made many attempts at this and have always had trouble with the sensor. There is one American commercial sensor that is supposed to be reliable but it is fairly expensive. I wanted it for controlling a watering system, in the end I started measuring rain fall and adjusting the watering based on that.





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