Missing data


I use emoncms to log electrical, water and gas usage.
For a daily calculation I've used the kWh to kWh/d, but that's no longer available.
I've found on this forum the method to use the cumulative value in a bar graph and set the delta to 1.
But then I have missing daily calculations.
I think the error lies in missing data in my cumulative feed but I don't know the reason for this missing data.
My cumulative data is posted every 20 seconds approximately.
Can this be caused by selecting a wrong interval for the PHPFina engine?
Is there a way to correct this? 

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Re: Missing data

It's likely that it's being caused because the wrong feed interval has been selected.

To check, download a csv of the feed data and you will probably see that there is a pattern of some of the feed values being 'null' in value.

To correct this, I'm afraid that you will need to delete the affected feeds, and then again create them with an interval equal to or greater than your posting interval.


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