Daily kWh/d not resetting (Power to kWh/d)

I have built a dashboard that track the major power consumers in our house. In each of those circuits I have used the "Power to kWh/d" as I want to see how much each circuit is using total per day at a glance. 

Unfortunately, those numbers just continue to increment, they do not reset at midnight as I would have expected them given the title of the feed. The feed is in watts. 

Is there some step that I am missing here..?




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Re: Daily kWh/d not resetting (Power to kWh/d)

Hello rjsears, not sure why they are resetting at midnight, that should not be the case. Can you share a screenshot of what you see? Alternatively you could use the approach explained here:

Creating kWh per day bar graphs from Accumulating kWh

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