Correcting Null value at Midnight

I am writing to find out the best way to correct (or compensate for) a data feed that has a NAN value at midnight. I have a bunch of feeds that have a null value for midnight from earlier this week and it is breaking their daily KWh usage reports. Any bargraph with a daily interval or in "d" mode won't show data after the day of the null value. Changing the interval (say to an hour) shows data after the null value, but there is a gap.

I've searched the forums and have come across the usefulscripts toolset on Github. It looks like accumulating_kwh_reprocessor.php is what I want, but I'm not sure. Will accumulating_kwh_reprocessor.php set null values to something else (preferably the previous or next value in the database)? Note that the database already has accumulating values in it as the input is from a Brultech GEM which gives Watt Hours in a cumulative form.