Din Power Supply

I have spent the last few weeks searching for a suitable din mounted psu for voltage measurements.

Then i stumbled upon this.


Have any of you tried it ? if not im getting 3 on order so i can give them a try.

They look almost perfect as there are multiple taps so with a bit of jiggling of voltage divider resistors should be able to be trimmed to give accurate readings.

Also the price on them is fantastic and being screwfix i wont get stuck in the one company has 9 one has 6 in stock etc..

I will let you all know.


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Re: Din Power Supply

I cannot find any meaningful data on that item  -  a figure for the regulation would be useful. You'll probably find the 8 V tap is the one to use, as the recommended Ideal ac adapter (UK model) has an output of 11.6 V ±3% on no-load at 240 V input, and it is that no-load voltage that the emonTx / emonPi input is designed for. I would expect the no-load output on the BG transformer to be similar, but you will almost certainly need to adjust the voltage calibration to obtain the correct readings.

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