Base Files EmonTX v3


Where can I find the arduino .ino base files for the emonTX v3?


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Re: Base Files EmonTX v3

Can you be a bit more specific? Do you mean the application sketches or the standard Arduino library, or the set of libraries that we frequently use?  

The starting place to look is "Resources".

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Re: Base Files EmonTX v3

Hi Robert,

Thanks for you response!

I believe I would need both. I want to connect a DC current sensor which implies I would need to make a few changes on the sketch.

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Re: Base Files EmonTX v3

Our EmonLib, which all the standard sketches use, is no help to you. However, if you need other measurements as well, then you might need it after all. Equally, the standard input circuits in Building Blocks will not be useful with a d.c. sensor, neither will the standard emonTx current input. You'll need to use (possibly) ADC 6.

Everything can be found under "Resources". The instructions for loading the Arduino IDE and the libraries that we use are at the top of "Building Blocks", the standard sketches are in "Software GitHub". 

In outline, you will need to replace lines like "ct1.calcVI(....)" with a reading of the analogue port that your sensor is connected to, then scale the current as required and assign it to something like emontx.dcCurrent (which you'll need to add to the structure) in order to get the data into emonCMS. Then configure emonHub/emonCMS to use it.

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Re: Base Files EmonTX v3

Here is the current default emonTx firmware .ino

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