EMON TX with Ciseco SRF module


We are currently using a range of wireless things (CISECO) snesors with a raspberri pi as a base station.

We want to use an emon tx v3 to monitor electricity (CT) and gas (pulse)  but would need to make it work with a ciseco radio module. 

They seem to be relatively pin compatible but I was wondering firstly:

1. Can you buy an EmonTx V3 with no radio so that we can just add a CISECO srf to it

2. Has anyone got any thoughts / experience with doing this and what firmware changes might need to be made

3. Has anyone got a better idea for making a open energy monitor ciseco variant other than what I have suggested above. 

Kind regards, 


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Re: EMON TX with Ciseco SRF module

Hi James, 

Yes SRF in SPI mode *should* work ok on the emonTx V3. We did test SRF briefly on the emonTx V2

You should be able to use the SRF SPI library: https://github.com/CisecoPlc/SRFSPI

​You probably will not be able to power the emonTx via the AC-AC since the SRF has a higher current requirement. 

We can supply emonTx with noRF, just leave a note at checkout. 

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