Problem while upgrade with git.

I'm trying to upgrade my emoncms installation with this command :

cd /var/www/emoncms

sudo git pull

but i get this error :




From https//

ba42579..2ed9419 stable  -> origin/stable

ba42579..7cdbaf1 master  -> orign/master

* [new tag]  9.4                   -> 9.4

Updating ba42579..2ed9419

error : your local changes to the following files would be



Please commit your changes or stash them before you can m

in fact I have changed this files ( i remember a little modification on scripts/phpmqtt_input.php )

in order to change  the basetopic..

unfortunately I do not have the backup copy of the original files and i don't not familiar with  "git".

What should I do to continue the upgrade with git?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Problem while upgrade with git.

If you are happy to lose the modifications that you made;

git reset --hard

Then git pull to update.
You should not need to use 'sudo', if you do, then your file permissions may not be set up correctly.


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Re: Problem while upgrade with git.

On the other hand, if you want to save your changes, issue the command:

git stash


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Re: Problem while upgrade with git.

Thanks..  i fixed the problem as your suggestion.

Unfortunately i have to use 'sudo' with 'git command'.. ; perhaps because I have done something wrong in the first installation and now the permission require root privileges.



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