EmonGLCD Screen Stripes / Dark Spots (Solved)

Hi everybody,

I have assembled my emonGLCD for some time now. but i always notices some stripes on the screen that i cannot see in nobody´s screenshots posted over the internet.

I thought that it was due to fast screen refresh, some noise, etc. but i´ve noticed today, when it crashed (testing) that the screen dark spots / stripes where there.

Can anyone tell if this is normal? look at the pictures below. The worst area is the top right one.


From OpenEnergyMonitor Screenshots

Thank you all.

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Re: EmonGLCD Screen Stripes / Dark Spots (Solved)

You can try to change the line

glcd.begin(0x20);  Line 120 Ish

This is the contrast of the LCD iv got mine set to 18 or 19 as that looked better to me.. Have a play around.. 20 Is the max by the way.



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Re: EmonGLCD Screen Stripes / Dark Spots (Solved)

Thank you!

I´ve changed to 0x18 and it is perfect now! no more stripes! 

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