emonTXv3 Node keys

I have just bought my first emonTXv3 and I think it's a great device.

Looking at the node on cms, it shows 13 input slots.  All the documentation I can find only goes up to number 12 (the pulse counter).

What is number 13 please?  Mine has the fixed value of -57 when I look at Inputs.

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Re: emonTXv3 Node keys

I believe that's the signal strength.

Mine seem to range from -34 (15' out the window) to -65 (70' at the bottom of the garden through a couple of walls) - these are actually emonTHs. The emonTXs are at about -50 (30' & a couple of walls).

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Re: emonTXv3 Node keys

@blaal02: thank you - that makes a lot of sense.  Now i know what it is i can probably search to find it; before knowing, it was impossible to track down :)

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