Controlling EVSE using EmonTX+RFM12B+RPi

Hi !

I want to control my DIY EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment) based on emoncms current transformer readings.

The EVSE is build around another RPi and is able to control the maximum current the car can use while charging.

The EVSE (car) can use maximum 16 A when charging, and the main fuse is 25 A, so if other equipment is using more than 9 A I need to throttle down the EVSE to avoid blowing a main fuse. When the other equipment is turned off the the EVSE should be allowed to resume charging at a higher current again.

The question is, what is the best way to trigger the execution of an external script when one current transformer input senses too high current.



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Re: Controlling EVSE using EmonTX+RFM12B+RPi

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