My job with Emoncms..

I used  Emoncms to monitor 2 houses with different types of renewable energy plants.
Both are solar thermal, solar photovoltaic, heat pump, natural gas boiler and heat storage.

Emoncms is used in local to store the data and to prepare it to be sent to a public server, where are stored again  with mysql.

Some output are switch in according to some events ( eg. when the power draw from grid is up to a value, the PDC is switched off).. or the heat are stored or used by/from the tank, in according to temperature, PV production by changing 3-way valve position.

In future i'm planning to improve the system with insert of mqtt capability to increaase the number of sensors and also to switch the output.. this can help to mantein the network with devices and software standard .

Thank you very much all the development teams to emoncms.