moving all feed data to different partition

This is for emoncms installation

I would prefer to have the feed data and mysql data stored on a much bigger second partition and not on the root partition. 

How do I go about moving the location of where this data is stored?

This is a new install. I do have some existing data that I'd like to recover, but if it's going to be a hassle, it's less than a months worth.

It seems that I can change the 3 variables in /var/www/emoncms/settings.php (and set permissions in new location) around line 57-63

What about the mysql location (and data)?

And how can I move the existing data? it's from a different RPI2 that I'm replacing.


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Re: moving all feed data to different partition

Ok I figured it out. Moved the feed location and updated settings.php and copied old data. Then following other procedure for moving mysql. Did both of these prior to first running the browser. I have the data.

Things ok but having some trouble with the Dashboard. I had a dashboard set up. It was mostly there but wasn't working right. I deleted everything and it's still not right.  The main problem are two dials - they show when editing the dashboard but do not when I view the dashboard. Not sure why. Ideas?

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