inputs duplicated on February 25th

I noticed some issues on my inputs and I pinpointed the issue back to February 25th. I read about the server issues that day.

I currently have half of my node0 inputs duplicated but the processes are only applied to the first inputs, not the clones which are the ones being updated now.

On just one of those inputs I have 34 processes and I'm not keen on having to rebuild them.

Is this fixable somehow?


My thanks in advance.

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Re: inputs duplicated on February 25th

Hello jbarros, i have fixed this for you now, sorry to not see your message sooner. For anyone else experiencing this issue it can be fixed by deleting the new inputs, logging will then continue on the original inputs

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Re: inputs duplicated on February 25th

Hi Trystan,

Thanks for the fix, it looks good now :)

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