Solar DHW Project

Folks, I'm new to this whole area but I intend to set up a simple system using an emonpi to monitor a newly installed Evacuated Tube Domestic Hot Water system. I would like to provide regular updates on progress and detail what I've done in order to help others and perhaps prompt some hints and tips. This may sound  a bit like blog so I'm not sure if its appropriate for this forum. Can you advise.

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Re: Solar DHW Project

My view is it's probably best not to post very frequent updates on your progress, rather to wait until you have a significant amount of progress to report. In this context 'significant' could well be something that will stand alone and provide something that is useful to others. Of course, if you're looking for inspiration or you hit a problem, feel free to ask. If your project attracts interest, then I'd look to removing it from the forum and editing it into one 'article' in Building Blocks, where it will be much more easily found. See the two energy diverter articles there to see what I mean.

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