Buying new emonTXv3.4, what node?

I have an older (about 3 years old) emonTXv3 and it's on node 10.

Having just moved house I need another as I have another 3 phases I need to monitor. If I pick up a new emonTXv3.4 on the default node 8 will it be pretty much plug and play?

I haven't tried and don't really have the gear to upload firmware.

Thanks Josh

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Re: Buying new emonTXv3.4, what node?

That depends very much on what emonBase you have and what firmware it's running. I have yet to download the 20 Feb version, but I would assume that it has support for an emonTx on nodes 7, 8, 9 & 10 (which is what the latest that I have has).

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Re: Buying new emonTXv3.4, what node?

Personally, I would recommend getting a programmer for debugging and firmware updates etc, they are not expensive, they are worth their weight in gold if you encounter a problem and buying one on it's own at a later date will just incur additional postage costs and waiting time.


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Re: Buying new emonTXv3.4, what node?

Thanks, I'm not sure what version of emonbase. I'm running a pi, it wouldn't be the Feb one but I updated everything a few months ago. I don't see node 7, 8, 9 only 6 as inactive. I might just get the programmer. Maybe easier in the long run, then I can break more things!


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