Problem with email at emoncms event

Hi I have the problem with the automatic email delivery in emoncms event module . when I press the test button I get the email properly sent .
Furthermore load True me : 1970.01.01 ..... appears. I have installed the latest version of Emoncms and event.

I hope you can help me.

Responses also like in German ; - ) ....


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Re: Problem with email at emoncms event

Can someone help me because nobody ? I have the various proposals from the old forum threds already tried , unfortunately without success .

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Re: Problem with email at emoncms event

What version emoncms and "event" are you using?

Support for the emoncms event module was broken after v8.4.

The latest emoncms v9.3 has an "eventp" module in-built but it's very much in it's infancy, there is only email support at this point I believe.

If you are using emoncms v8.5 to v9.2 you are out of luck I'm afraid. 


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