Base topic for emoncms 9.3 as MQTT subscriber


In the documents here

it says:

emoncms as a subscriber

[basetopic] and user ID of the target Emocnms account can be set in settings.php. Default basetopic = emon,

Is this true or do you have to set the base topic in settings.php? If so what is the format as I see no mention other than:-

// The 'subscriber' topic format is rx/* - where * is the emoncms input node number.

I have tried emon and rx and my setup does not seem to be subscribing to either topic. Using version| 9.3 | 2016.01.26 just updated with a git pull.

I have checked that these topics are being actually published with a different application.





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Re: Base topic for emoncms 9.3 as MQTT subscriber

I think the docs have been updated. Have another look.


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