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Now that my DHCP issues with the Nanode have been resolved, I've had some time to fine tune my configuration. I've recently switched from having a local emoncms server running to using (my local pc steadfastly refused to update emoncms). My account is set up, nanode is posting to it, time offset on the account is set to +1 hour. All seems ok.

I've noticed that my GLCD time is incorrect when I'm up and about early in the morning. Around 6-6:30am, the time reads approximately 20 minutes early. However, when I'm home from work at 6pm, the time is correct and appears to remain correct until midnight, not that I sit and watch it for six hours, but I did make a special effort to keep an eye on it the other night :)

The wife hasn't noticed any errors in the time during the day, but she also didn't realise there was a clock on it.

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Re: Incorrect time from


Have noticed the same - early in the morning the emonGLCD goes backwards sometimes, time is synchronized using nanodeRF and emonCMS.




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Re: Incorrect time from

This is a bug which is also affecting me.  I think it is because: [YOUR APIKEY HERE]

returns a time string like:


The code in NanodeRF_Power_RTCrelay_GLCDtemp.ino expects formating like this instead:


where it is doing some parsing:

    char tmp[] = {line_buf[1],line_buf[2],0};
    byte hour = atoi(tmp);

The problem could be fixed there, but should really be fixed at the time server on


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Re: Incorrect time from

I also notice that at the moment (17:12 local time, aka 5:12 PM USA west coast, or 00:12 in the UK I think) the time server is returning to me:


My local time time offset in hours on my EmonCMS account page is set to -7.

Again, this could be corrected for on the emonGLCD, but would best be corrected on  I poked around the emoncms codebase a little, but struck out trying to find where the time server calculations go on.

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Re: Incorrect time from

To fix this I changed NanodeRF_Power_RTCrelay_GLCDtemp.ino:

in my_callback() I replaced the 6 lines calculating hour, minute, second with:

    //Time received can be: t-7,11,21  or  t9,28,39  or  t09,28,39  .  Null terminated.
    int j = int (line_buf[3]==','); //j is true/1 if comma in 4th byte
    byte hour = (atoi(line_buf+1) + 24) % 24;  //make hour non-negative
    byte minute = atoi(line_buf+3+j);
    byte second = atoi(line_buf+6+j);

So far it works for me at my local time offset of -7 hours, as well as at some other random values I tested at.



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Re: Incorrect time from

A nice solution! I would prefer to do the test this way:

    int j = (line_buf[3]==',') ? 1: 0;

(using the ternary operator. It specifically sets j to either 0 or 1.  I think it is safer and clearer.).

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Re: Incorrect time from

Wow - thanks, just programmed this in. ;-)

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