RFM12Pi_V2 SD image


Sometime ago, I bought a RFM12Pi V2 and installed in my environment, but I left it turned off for some time and looks like that my SD card corrupted. I'm trying to get it again and I'm facing a hard time to find that one that I used and I'm not sure that this latest will work in my Raspberry B model.

Can someone point to the right direction? 

Best Regards!


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Re: RFM12Pi_V2 SD image

Sorry to hear of your SD card consumption. Yes, the latest (beta) 22nd Dec will work with your RasPi model B. However, please be aware it's still in beta. 

You could go for the older 17th June image which is tried and tested to be solid, but has an older version of Emoncms (V8 instead of V9). 

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