Exporting More data

Hi All ,

i've been using the emonTX v3.4 for 4 weeks now and i must say i'm very impressed.
as part of some internal energy audit i'm doing at home, i also wanted to know what my power factor is and the line frequency.

The result is an updated emonTxV3_4_DiscreteSampling_Full you can find on 

this "new" Discrete Sampling sketch includes, beside the standard items also the power factor for CT1..4 and line frequency as measured during EnergyMonitor::calcVI() step. For this i extended emonLib to calculate the frequency while sampling the data.  The time measurement is based on arduino micros() and should have a accurancy around  +/- 4...5 usec which should be enough for 50Hz measurements.  a drop of 50Hz -> 49 Hz is around 408 usec per cycle, the sketch samples for 15 full cycles, so see a time difference of +/- 6120 usec for 1 Hz drop . 

A updated emonhub configuration is included, and result can be seen at this URL 


The frequency graph still need some low pass filtering like moving average of N samples to make it more clear. The frequency was added to "try" to see some case where power grid is "high" loaded, as this would cause a long time small drop of 0.5 .. 1 Hz in the frequency
For the first week i see a very stable 50.05 .. 49.95 Hz frequency, but that was expected because our power grid in Belgium have all there nuclear plants running again after a period of 2 years of troubles ,  causing a export of power instead of power shortage.