Modify CS on emonTx Shield with RFM69CW [SOLVED]


I've a system up and running with an arduino uno board, emontTX (smt) and a rasperry base.

I'd like to control from my arduino node a SSR with Timer1 (therefore only DIG 9 and 10 if I'm right).

The problem is that I had no success modifying CS for the RFM69CW board with the explanation (option 1) found on :

that seems to work only  with RFM12.

The function rf12_set_cs is redefined as rf69_set_cs in the JeeLib RF69_compat.h and rf69_set_cs is commented in RF69.cpp

Is there any alternative way?




[Solved] Editing RF69_avr.h and setting: #define SS_BIT  0