remote access

i am receiving datas in local server but could't able to connect server to website(remote access)...!!!

i want clear instructions fa above query

thank you 

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Re: remote access

I'm afraid none of us are this guy on the right.

Please look at the FAQ page and give us some more information, particularly:

  • which server?
  • which website?
  • what data?

Without knowing that, any advice would be a pure guess.

And don't double post.

Thank you.

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Re: remote access

fa example i need to monitor the power, once i switch on the energymonitoring module, it will automatically update iits value in local server(!! we need to create separate login id fa tis..!!


ma query is i need to bring those data to remote server(

where we will use same login id fa both the server...!!

but i dono, how to connect  both the servers

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Re: remote access

List exactly all the energy monitoring hardware, firmware, software - everything you have including all the URLs and version numbers.

Then someone might be able to help you.

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Re: remote access

Are you sayng you want to upload your data from a local server to ? and view both on as on your local version ?

In case you want to just duplicate data why not get your local server accessible externally (like getting some dyndns alike service which is free to get a hostname and then on your router make sure you can forward a port to

in case you want to stop using your local version and only i have no idea what steps are needed for that.

If it's something else be more specifiec as its hard to understand what your asking for

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Re: remote access

We don't know what he's got, so it's anybody's guess what he needs to do. Does he have a Pi, or RPi+RFM69Pi, or NanodeRF? or something else off Fleabay? Who knows?

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