Re-complile emonpi-dedicated sketch breaks LCD on emonPi


I use Arduino 1.6.7 on Windows and the libraries mentioned in sketch "emonPi_RFM69CW_RF12Demo_DiscreteSampling".

I did not add any changes to the original sketch which I got from "/home/pi/emonpi/Atmega328/emonPi_RFM69CW_RF12Demo_DiscreteSampling" and it complies successfully with the following warning:
...\Arduino\libraries\jeelib-master\RF69.cpp:106:39: warning: 'prog_uint8_t' is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

 static void initRadio (ROM_UINT8* init) {

Sketch uses 19,056 bytes (59%) of program storage space. Maximum is 32,256 bytes.

Once uploaded to emonPi via "emonpiupdate" the messages put to the LCD by the sketch (emonPi V2.00... etc) are getting scrambled and the messages from raspberryPI (Ethernet: YES... etc) are not displayed anymore....
Also the display and the reset button are no longer working. My sketch has 53621 bytes.

If I upload the original "emonPi_latest.hex" (53670 bytes) all is working fine again. 

Any idea what I need to change to successfully compile the original sketch? Is the baud-rate in the sketch (38400) really the correct one?

Many thanks