emoncms event module not working


I upgrade to emoncms 9. After upgrading I noticed that the event module is not working.

There is a post from August 2015 about the event module Events module and emoncms compatability

Any ideas how to get the event module working in V9? Any alternative?

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Re: emoncms event module not working

Hi Christian, no it does not work.
However, I'm aware that Chaveiro is working upon a replacement module, which will be compatible with v9.


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Re: emoncms event module not working

Every days i open the forum and hoping to read some news about new event module.. :)




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Re: emoncms event module not working

While we are all waiting for the functional event module, I've discovered that there's a lot could be done with Virtual feeds + input processing. For example, I managed to control my LED widget color based on feed value:

Feed processing

There's even email setting, although I haven't tried it.

I wonder if this tool can replace a lot of functionality of the Event module?

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