Wireless current sensors?

Could I incorporate wireless RF current sensor into EmonPi system? What are some basic hardware and software modification should I make in order to achieve this?

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Re: Wireless current sensors?

The emonTx is a wireless current sensor (and more), and will send data to the emonPi.

Or is that not the answer you were looking for? Your question is somewhat vague and I sense there is a something implied that I cannot guess.

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Re: Wireless current sensors?


Sorry for any ambiguity. The question was that could I use a custom wireless current probe to replace EmonTX altogether and transmit data directly back to EmonPi (hopefully with minimal change in hardware or sofware) ?  

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Re: Wireless current sensors?

Yes, the only limitation is the message format, and if you get that right, you need not touch the emonPi. You'd probably still need to use a RFM12B or RFM69CW radio module and the JeeLib library (though you could create the same message format without JeeLib - details of the format are on the JeeLabs website).

The emonTx is fully open-source, so you're free to copy as much or as little as you need.

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Re: Wireless current sensors?

Another option is to use web sockets, either an arduino type board with a ethernet or wifi shield, a esp8266 or many of the other platforms currently out there with network capabilities.

Simply use a "EmonHubSocketInterfacer" to create a listening port to which any device can send a string of variables to in the form nodeid val1 val2 val3 ...etc to the url http://IP.ADD.OF.PI:PORT, "PORT" is user defined in emonhub.conf (and will also need to be allowed in the firewall)


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