Emonpi crashed / locked up

Hi, newbie question. My emonpi has just arrived. working through the instructions and I shut down to start installing sensors.

I've powered back up and its stuck at the point of "Dectected 0 DS1280 Temp"

I can't connect to it and no ethernet lights are flashing.

reset or power down button has no affect on the unit.


Do I just pull the power?

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Re: Emonpi crashed / locked up

Sorry to hear your having trouble. 

It sound like the RaspberryPi has not booted up. Up until the point where the IP address is shown the on the LED the microprocessor on the emonPi PCB controls then LCD. Then control passes to the Raspberry Pi once the emonPiLCD python script boots. 

This is unexpected as we test all emonPis before we ship. Please could you confirm you are using a good quality 1A (1.2A recommended) 5V power supply and have the Ethernet cabled plugged into the RasPi Ethernet socket, not the emonPi's RJ45 socket? 

If you want to investigate further you could check that the emonPi's SD card is correctly installed. However it sounds like if its's not a power supply issue you might have a faulty unit. Please contact shop support to arrange a replacement: 



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Re: Emonpi crashed / locked up

Many thanks for the reply. Its using the supply purchased with the emonpi.

I'll open up the case in the morning and check the SD. It booted up fine with no sensors and I logged in etc.

I've since tried with no sensors and it get stuck at the same point with no way out / nothing working

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Re: Emonpi crashed / locked up

I've checked the sd card and it was in fine. I put in in the laptop and it reads fine. put it back in the pi but no joy.

Sending an email to support.


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