Emonpi LCD - Anyone using alternate LCD?

Hi All,

I am setting up an emonpi - for various reasons I bought the board only and its going in a different enclosure. I was not going to bother with a screen until I realised I had a Matrix Orbital 4x20 display in the parts bin that in addition to being serial also supports i2c and runs 5v like the emonpi screen.

It seems 27 is hard coded into emonPiLCD*, so apart from editing the update script to stop it auto-updating over manual edits, I need to manually change emonPiLCD.py to use the correct address and the other scripts as appropriate.

Looking at emonPiLCD.py I can see the display is defined in a number of places as 16 characters 2 lines:

        lcd.lcd_display_string( string_lenth(lcd_string1, 16),1)
        lcd.lcd_display_string( string_lenth(lcd_string2, 16),2)

Is anyone else running a 4 line display or more than 16 characters what would care to share their code before I re-invent the wheel?