My Home Energy Planner and openbem - getting started

I have been looking at the 'My Home Energy Planner' and the openbem work on GitHub.

What the documentation does not tell me is;

  1. How / where to install the planner (is is a sub directory below emoncms, a separate root or what).
  2. Does openbem need installing as well and if so where?

I am looking to optimise the heating of my house and see how it is performing relative to the design and SAP rating (A).  I think it is better as I use a relatively large amount of electricity for other purposes.

Alos, does anyone know of any open source predictive models that could be employed in a similar way to how NEST (and other products) predict heating on time to achieve a temperature at a specific point?  I am looking to include outside temp and wind factors ultimately.

Cheers, Brian.