Dashboard showcase


I'm posting my dashboard of a heatpump here. ( Daikin Altherma )

Any input would be highly appreciated!

( not smartphone or tablet friendly! )



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Re: Dashboard showcase

congratulations, very detailed!

can you share your hardware logger setup ?

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Re: Dashboard showcase

Thank you!

All temperature and flow rate data are read from the heat pump itself using a KNX adapter.
Electric consumption is measured independantly with an ABB power meter coupled with a KNX adapter also.

All the data is collected through the knx bus with a Gira Homeserver and sent with http post to emoncms.

So in this install no real measuring (apart from the power) is done by us.
Internally they have SIKA VVX flow sensors.
As this building had the KNX installation and customer demand to interface with the heat pump, it was an easy decision to get to the data this way. 

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