Jessie image now includes node-red

Forum discussions have taken place recently about including Node-red in the emoncms image file.
It's interesting that Nick O'Leary has announced today that Node-red will be installed by default in the latest  Raspbian  'Jessie' RP image file.


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Re: Jessie image now includes node-red

That's good news, and a significant step forward for node-red.

Not so long ago when I last looked into including node-red in an image, the installation guides were different for the RPi 2 and not interchangeable, which meant having 2 images to cater for a mix of Pi's, plus the versions on node.js were different etc etc, now not only is there a debian package for Raspbian jessie but it's also included in the latest full image, much less of a hurdle to "just try it".

There is also a "Slim" Jessie image at under a 3rd of the size of the full version, I haven't tried either yet (nor can I find changelogs) but I would expect the slim version does not have node red, but now it's a repo that's no longer an issue I guess and may even be the better way forward depending on what else is missing since the full version gets thinned down for the OEM images anyways


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