emonTX ESP8266 serial to wifi gateway

Hi guys, After having a few issues with a RFM12B, trying to find firmware, installing Pi and all that jazz to get everything running, I started thinking about using an ESP8266 module as the gateway insteat of RFM+RPI combination.

After a few trials and errors, it seems to work fine, but do bear in mind it's still a work in progress, lots more info to add.

I now have an ESP based gateway that sends all my emonTX is printing over serial straight to EmonCMS. This works in parallel with the RFM12B I have on the emonTX, but it should work very well for any emons without any radio device at all. Just adjust the firmware to print in the needed format and that's it. No pi, no SD install, really really cheap.

If anyone is interested have a look here http://tzapu.com/2015/11/25/esp8266-emontx-serial-to-emoncms-mqtt-over-w...

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Re: emonTX ESP8266 serial to wifi gateway

Hi Alex,
Only two days ago I bought 2 device that link under,  just to do something similar to your project .

What I want to do is connect some cards based on Arduino , with emoncms installed on stand alone PI ,

via wifi .

Really interesting , thank you.


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Re: emonTX ESP8266 serial to wifi gateway

Made some more progress on this. Added an 0.96" oled to display the data passing through it, and i think i will add some mqtt triggered icons/indicators as well

emontx esp8266 gateway

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