Year 1 of my solar pv, how do I compare?

Exactly a year ago, today, my panels were installed. The theoretical capacity of the installed system was 3990W.

In a year my PV meter is now showing 3316.57. (my Sunnyboy reports the total as 3360.93, so fairly close)

So how do I compare?

What luck for this forum that I was able to quickly decommission the useless Solar iBoost that was installed and implement the Mk2 router in the Spring this year. All summer I have enjoyed free hot water and the boiler was turned off for at least 3 months, if I remember correctly. 

My initial estimate said I would produce 3732.36 at the end of Year 1. So clearly not as sold, but I knew that.

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Re: Year 1 of my solar pv, how do I compare?

Can I suggest you sign up to

If you submit your data then you can compare it to other PV users. This is a valuable resource for checking the efficiency of your panels. My 2.94kW set regularly produce more than I was told and more than the estimate provided by the calculation facility at

If you are not getting the expected generation then do you have shading problems?

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