Getting started......

Noobie here - due to solar PV install this week. 

I think Ive worked out what hardware I need to monitor the solar as an initial project, but want to check in and get people advice/recommendations on anything else I should be considering so that I can future proof my build.  (Id eventually like to manage/automate/control other parts of the house). 

Ive opted for an emonbase over an emonPi - I dont think I need the integrated display or the "packaged" product.

Ive already got a Pi, so assuming I just need the receiver board? Have I missed anything critical here by not purchasing the Pi. Ive no issues building components and the like. 

Ive also opted for 433Mhz - but assume this can be changed at a later date in software if required? 

Ive decided I dont need the LCD unit if I use emoncms and a mobile app to display data.  Id like to see data realtime (or at least updated every 5 seconds), but im guessing this is configurable in software too. 

(Im not a programmer, but keen to learn - so hoping this provides lots of learning (and fun) along the way. 

Thanks in advance for all comments/advice. 





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Re: Getting started......

"Ive also opted for 433Mhz - but assume this can be changed at a later date in software if required?"

Err, No. The receiver is tuned to the particular band - you'd need a new receiver board (RFM69Pi) as without the proper tools, it will be almost impossible to remove the RFM69 from the receiver PCB.

(But the radios do work on the wrong band but with very restricted range, and with the RFM69 it's not advised to transmit at maximum power with a mismatched aerial anyway.)

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Re: Getting started......

Welcome aboard! that I can future proof my build
Yes, consider Jessie assuming I just need the receiver board?
Yes, if if you are planning to run in low-write mode, otherwise you may have to consider a HDD & possibly a powered hub.

...Ive also opted for 433Mhz
​I use 868Mhz, but 433Mhz is the recommended standard, think this through, because it can't be easily changed later... (I'd go for 433 if I could step back in time)

...Mobile app
This is currently being developed, and is a great addition.

...Im not a programmer, but keen to learn..
Same here!!




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Re: Getting started......

Thanks for the really prompt responses.  

I hadn't got as far as considering the software side, other than installing emoncms on my Synology NAS.   


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