ATMEL ICE + EmonTx V3.4

To be able to probe a bit deeper into the microcontroller on my Arduino projects, I've got an Atmel ICE debugger/programmer which I would like to get working on the EmonTx as well.

As the capacitor on the reset line coming from the FTDI gets in the way of the programmer, it needs to be disconnected for the programmer to work properly. On regular Arduino Uno boards there is a piece of track that can be cut (along with solder islands to repair it afterwards) that simplifies this operation.

As far as I can see, on the EmonTx V3.4 the only option is to remove the capacitor (C2, 100nF) altogether. Is this correct? To add insult to injury, the capacitor seems to be nicely tucked away under the battery holder :-P.

Maybe it would be nice to integrate the same approach as on the current Uno boards in the next iteration of the EmonTx PCB, or maybe even add a jumper or dip switch if you feel really generous ;-).