Raspberry pi data to Emoncms.org


I am new to this kind of stuff and would like to ask some help. I have an USB stick that receives some data, I would like to forward this to emoncms.org.How can I do it? Should I install emonhub?  I have a script that can read the usb data(maker of the device) but I would like to know if there is something better to get the data and directly to emon. I think the data is in hex, but that problem comes later.

Links to guides / direct answers and anything is welcome. I couldnt find anything easy to follow guide.


Thanks alot!




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Re: Raspberry pi data to Emoncms.org

I do not understand what you are asking for.

You have a USB stick. Is that a USB memory stick, and does it carry the data in the form of a file? If the answers are yes, then you must write a program or a script to read the data file, convert it to the correct format and then send it to emoncms.org.

To be able to do that, you must know two things:

1. the format of the data as it comes to you, and

2. the format that emonCMS expects.

The script you have should answer the first point.

You can find answers to the second by logging in to emoncms, then navigate to Setup > Inputs > Input API Help. There are many examples there of different formats, which you can test in your browser address bar. Your script then needs to send exactly the same.

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Re: Raspberry pi data to Emoncms.org

It is an RF usb receiver which receives data in hex. The script I have is a bad one and hard to understand, so modification with my skills are limited. Using sdout to get the data to text file and to send the data from there to emoncms would kill the card fast..

Thank you for the input site, couldnt find it. I will check that one out. Let's see what I can cook.


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Re: Raspberry pi data to Emoncms.org


The answer then remains much the same, except that you handle the data in memory one set, or maybe many sets, of data at a time as it arrives. The 'bulk data' method could be useful for that.

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