4 CT's on emontx v2

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I would like to add a 4th CT to my emonTX v2, I currently use the 3 provided and the temperature port, is it possible to add a 4th CT or convert the pulse counter port to a 4th CT ?


Any Help appreciated.




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Re: 4 CT's on emontx v2

The Atmega 328 processor has 6 analogue ports.  On the emonTx V2, four of these ports are used as on-board sensors (three for AC current and one for AC voltage).  The remaining two analogue ports are tracked to the 8-way connector that's just under C6 and C7.  Port A4 is marked SDA, and port A5 is marked SCK.  Supporting information is available on the Design Reference page at:


To use either of these ports as a current sensor, an extra set of peripheral components (for the mid-rail reference and the burden) would be required as shown on this Building Blocks page:



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