Emonth connect reed switch


I received the EmonTh with the sketch to count pulses for my gas meter.

I don't understand how can connect the reed switch.. i have the 3.3 v, gnd and input.. but the reed switch have only two wires.. can i help me ?

Thanks to all in advance..



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Re: Emonth connect reed switch

You need to look at the sketch on GitHub that you are going to use. It is probably "emonTH_pulse_lowpower".

Near the top, you will see a comment against this line, and that comment is your clue:

"const int PULSE_SENSOR_PWR = 5; // **Labelled DS18B20 power on emonTH board**

Therefore, you connect your reed switch between "DS18B20 power" (pin 6) and the pulse input (pin 4). You might need to add a pull-down resistor between pin 4 and pin 3 (GND), say 6.8 kΩ.

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Re: Emonth connect reed switch

thank you very much Robert


Bye, Pierantonio

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