No Login possible after migration emoncms to new computer


just setting up a new Windows-Server in my house. For this I have to migrate a working emoncms with wamp32 to the new server.

Wamp64 on the new server is already working.
- I have access to apache.
- with localhost, I get the server configuration.
- I copied the wamp\www\emoncms-folder on the new machine.
- I copied the wamp\bin\mysql\mysql5.6.17\data\emoncms folder on the new machine
- But trying to access localhost/emoncms I get an error:

Can't connect to database, please verify credentials/configuration in settings.php
Error message: Access denied for user 'xyz123'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Looks like I forgot something.

Can anybody help me pls? Thx in advance


- Made an export of the database from the old PC, created a database with name emoncms on the new one and importet the
- Then I made the same user for the database as in the phpsettings-file and the old database
- After this I get emoncms-login screen. But how to go on now? Login with "xyz123" is not possible


I Have seen, that the old user is still in the database. Looks like the user was copied with the import. But I am not able to login. I always get a red line under the password field
And creating (register) a new user is not possible.
This is the same on the local machine, or from another network-client