Conflict Port 80 RPi and Apple devices

Hi there,

For a while now I have had this issue with my RPi and Apple devices. Basically, I use a PI with a temperature sensor to post requests to emoncms. 

When I am outside in another network, I can log in to emoncms and see the values being updated. But when the PI and an Apple device are in the same network, if I log in to emoncms the PI stops feeding to it. 

I have had a look and see that Pi uses port 80 to send requests, while apple uses port 80 for all WWW, so when I log in to emoncms through Safari or chrome, it is using port 80 and so conflicting over with the PI. The PI stops sending values to emoncms and there is a connection time out. 

I don't know if anyone has come up with this problem, but if you have please share if you have any solutions. 


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Re: Conflict Port 80 RPi and Apple devices

Hello again,

just to say that with a windows laptop, there is no conflict whatsoever

I tried with another mac yesterday, ipad and iphone but stops updating the emoncms values

Has anyone experienced this problem??


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