I use Emoncms for monitoring appliances using smart plugs with a modified / forked version of plugctl


Thought i'd share this. Adli the supermarket sold at the beginning of the year some smart plugs (maginon smart plugs) for a cheap price (in belgium) I bought 2 of them. At that time someone had already created a tool named plugctl  using the programming language go which could connect to the smartplug (which was running a small inuxversion), using telnet and read the power readings from the device like watt volt amp. I recently forked plugctl on github ( and added support for a daemon that reads the data from the plug and sends the data to any emoncms instance specified. So now i'm quite happy running a local version of emoncms and feeding data to it using my modified / improved version of plugctl.

The plugs were mainly advertised as digitial timers and a way to turn them on and off using wifi but my main use is to see the power usuage of all kind of devices hooked up to the plugs and emoncms is very nice for this. Thanks for this great tool :)

here's a video of my dashboards https://youtu.be/NKd0XZ2hMHg