Introducing the Telegea community project

As OEM enthusiasts you might also be interested in the Telegea community project for thermal energy management.

Telegea is a modular platform for thermal energy monitoring and control. It aims at increasing the efficiency of heating/cooling systems by applying smart and innovative technologies. The platform is developed as open source and we invite anyone interested to join the community.

Please find all available information and resource here:

Thanks, Ondrej

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Re: Introducing the Telegea community project

This is a picture of the assembled prototype board of the Telegea data collection and control device.

Read all the details about the hardware here.

This can be used to connect temperature and humidity sensors, energy and flow meters, and much more. It also integrates well with EmonCMS for data processing and visualization.



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Re: Introducing the Telegea community project


Is the smart thermostat available now?

I need a thermostat for under floor heating that can be more intelligent than our existing controls. They work but due to the large thermal mass we get a lot of temperature overshoot.



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Re: Introducing the Telegea community project

Hi Ian,

the board on the picture is still a prototype but we want to start the first small production batch ASAP.  We are also trying to understand better if there is a market for this product.

However to give it a try you can assemble a Raspberry Pi based unit yourself with off the shelf components. I have written a short guide on how to do that. As a display you could use an old smartphone with a web browser.

On the Telegea Github repository there is also an SDcard image with all the needed software installed. It is a bit outdated and a new one will be released next week.



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