EmonPi does not start (newbie)


I was installing the emonpi following the startup process. Got it working more or less. CT were not attached to calbes.

Now, I have connected it to the electric board, it just detects the AC source, the temperature cable and nothing else works.
LCD stays lit, but the display is blocked showing "detected 1: DS18B20 Temp".
Impossible to restart with the side button, impossible to connect to ssh via ethernet cable, facade button not working.
Lights from the ethernet cable are off.
It is completely blocked.
What can I do ?
Is there any thing I can do?

Must be a pretty classic error.

Thanks in advance

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Re: EmonPi does not start (newbie)

Have you done a reset using the recessed button?

Mine got stuck once but I just pulled the power ("bad") rather than reset or shutdown, but it recovered.

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Re: EmonPi does not start (newbie)

you mean the reset button on the side of the emonpi ?

Pressed or hold it does not work.

any special manipulation I have to do ?

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Re: EmonPi does not start (newbie)

None that I know of. That's the current limit of my emonpi knowledge, sorry :(

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Re: EmonPi does not start (newbie)

Unless you know your way around the Raspberry Pi, it sounds as if an email to the shop ("support") is called for.

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