Why has the local emonCms server (with ready-to-use disk images) guide been removed?

Im trying to run emoncms in the Raspberri pi 2 ( using RASPBIAN JESSIE )

The guides that could have potentially worked to do this has been removed and redirected to emoncms.org, along with the ready to go images 

I have also tried the install to linux ubuntu/debian guide on the emoncms main page, however raspbian jessie comes with a default browser (ephipany web browser) and due to the microcproccesor architecture of the Rpi2 (ARM Cortex-A7), the browser chromium cannot be installed, (AMD64 and i386 so its not compatible), meaning that when i go to localhost/emoncms, I only get the contents of the emoncms/index.php file on the browser, but not the php page per se, (and yes using localhost displays correctly, see attachement)


This is the most official guide i have found in git, However all the links to the images are outdated and not working

I have seen videos of the raspberri pi running emoncms, so i know its possible to do it, however after trying for 2 days in a row i just want to ask 

Is still possible to use the Raspberri pi as a local server, to store the data to a Usb hard drive?, if yes, is there an updated guide of how to accomplish this into a Rpi2?