Monitor energy usage of a generator in a Vehicle // Bad internet connection

To begin , thank for this wonderful project , so well documented


Id like to implement a project to monitor energy usage of a generator in a Vehicle. (While I'm there probably temperature inside and outside and other Metrics, but this is the easy part) 

The vehicle has Internet connection but not reliable.

I've manage to get myself a Arduino to upload Data to a EmonCMS working on a RasBery Pi and on the "public" emonCMS.


Now I'm asking myself what would be the best way to implement my generator monitoring.

I'm thinking of having one EmonDb in the vehicle on a raspberry pi , and another one on a steady Internet connection elsewhere , and get them to sync-up when the Internet is UP in the vehicle.

Is this feasible ? Any clue where to begin ?

Anybody has a better Idea ?


Thank's !



Bad Internet connection // Sync 2 EmonCMS mysql dB

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Re: Monitor energy usage of a generator in a Vehicle // Bad internet connection

If you use a pi on the vehicle and install emonhub v1.2 that has built in buffering and the buffer size can be defined, so depending on the packet size and frequency you could buffer for a significant time between internet connections (weeks or months). but the data is held in RAM and not persisted so a flat battery would mean data loss unless a safeguard is employed. It will also send to multiple emoncms instances out of the box.


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