EmonCMS future ?

Really like the EmonCMS software as a service idea, very easy to start using to push the data to emoncms.org server. Anyway there is some room for improvement in current user interface, e.g. mainstream internet explorer does not seem to work with gauges..

Regardless of todays glitches I can imagine a day in the future where emoncms.org data is available for e.g. following use cases:

1) Based on historical data to have a consolidated RFP for some TWh worth of fairly well documented electricity consumption to get the best possible price from electricity companies for emoncms.org community members.

2) Link the on line demand data to a couple of tariff agreements to utilize low cost non peak minutes for heating the house or even hot water instead of monthly peak/non peak fixed time tariff agreements.

3) Link the on line demand data to generate a balanced demand to better utilize network capacity and hence having a better pricing scheme for emoncms.org community. I guess the grid load can be already today be measured to a certain degree by monitoring the mains voltage.

The question I have in mind is: Is emonCMS a concept that is driven like above mentioned community initiatives or is it just a software platform for us who want to better set up the own individual monitoring systems ?

... life is not so black and white but I am curious of what is driving the thinking for the future development ...