RFM68Pi can do TX ? [SOLVED]

Could I use RFM68Pi v3.1 to also send data to another Raspberry or to give a feedback to an Arduino?


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Re: RFM68Pi can do TX ? [SOLVED]

Yes you can send data from an rfm69pi to another "jee type device" which could include another Pi with a another "jee type device" connected too.

Devices include

all of the OEM range of emonTx's, emonTH's, RFM2Pi's, emonPi, emonTx arduino shield and NanonodeRF

A JeeNode or JeeLink 

etc etc

You will need to do some searching as it has been done but it's not that widely used yet, look at the jeelabs site too and at the examples in your Arduino IDE's JeeLib library.



[and emonGLCD if you have one! - (RW)]

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Re: RFM68Pi can do TX ? [SOLVED]

Thanx a lot !

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