EmonPi | Raspberry won't start. What to check...


I got my emonpi from kickstarter and installed it a few weeks ago.

It worked well for a while but suddenly stopped to work. It seems the power supply failed (emonpi LCD was blinking... not good).

But it seems it also fried the Pi :-(

On the non-functionning Pi, both Power and Activity led are on, which is not good as activity led should be blinking when booting from SD card. So I changed the power supply, installed another Pi, used the very same SD card to boot it, and emonPi was back on line. So it is not coming from the SD card but rather from the Pi itself.

I would like to check if the original Pi is definitely dead. What can I check ? Is there some hardware stuff I could check ? measure some voltages which could give me a hint of what happened ?

Thanks in anticipation.